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Removal and creation of tattoos of any complexity


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About me

My name is Mykola Shapovalov. I am a tattoo artist and laser tattoo removal specialist.


Now I am in Canada in the city of Montreal.


My experience is over 20 years. I have an art education.


I work with INCKMASHINE and SPEKTRA wireless tattoo machines, you can order a unique sketch from me, taking into account all your wishes.


  • Have you decided to get a high-quality, professional tattoo?
  • Do you want to fix or overlap an old wrong tattoo?
  • Need to remove a tattoo?


By contacting me you will receive a good, professional and comfortable service. I’m learning English, but I don’t speak well. You can call my number (4383372333) if you speak Ukrainian or Russian. And we will agree on everything. Thanks!


You can write to WhatsApp and also send your wishes and images to

Laser removal


Tattoo removal is carried out on the latest Q-Switch neodymium laser of the latest generation.


If you do not have the opportunity to come for a consultation, you can send a photo of your low-quality tattoo on WhatsApp or will receive approximate information about the price and terms of solving the problem

How much does a tattoo cost?

This is the very frequent question, let’s try to answer it honestly, briefly and clearly.


  1. Show Sample Image
  2. Specify the place of infliction
  3. Specify the size in centimeters

Photos can be sent to WhatsApp or

Tattoo sketches

Here you can choose for yourself a sketch that you like.

Best GIFT Tattoo Certificate

A gift certificate for tattoo services is one of the best gifts!


More and more people are merging into tattoo culture and getting small but meaningful tattoos for them, some are reworking or refreshing old tattoos, or they are thoroughly clogged.


That is why, puzzling over a gift for a friend or loved one, they are increasingly purchasing and giving certificates for a tattoo. You can buy a gift certificate for a tattoo.


If you already know what the sketch for the tattoo you want to give looks like and the dimensions, then you can agree on the exact price for which the certificate will be issued.
If you do not have time to come for the certificate in person, you will receive it on WhatsApp or

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